Processing Design Fabrication

Reflections on the Processing Workshop

“…Processing is an open source programming environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. With the coding based system processing converts the data in generated information. Data in many formats can be imported, manipulated, and exported.
The potential of the software environment of Processing combined with the CNC or photo-etched process of "tooling" (milling, drilling, shaping and sketching) opens new challenges for designers. The Processing based sketches becomes "tactile" with material properties.

Thank you for the invitation – Steffi Hußlein”

Thoughts on Interaction Design

Interaction Design is a process of designing with digital materials, physical negotiations and human communication. Basically, the challenge of human-system interface is to create user-friendly, effective, easy to use interactive systems for today and your future.

The appropriate combination of software and hardware is the key to the design process: the design of forms and functions (Product Design) linked with the integrated design of networked information and often most complex story-driven interactive formats (Interaction Design).