Week in Processing.

For a workshop dominated by us Interdiscplinarists (a species heavily practised in raw process) being thrown into a three-day intensive-course in computer programming, was a bit of a shock to the system. Even so, everyones', modified, ideas have been realised; made use of the online open-source processing society (the biggest blessing of the week); and, largely, created a pretty lively discussion/atmosphere.

I came into the workshop with, what I tought was, a reasonable amount of experience (and the understanding that processing was a little bit like Barry Manilow) but I've learned more in these three days than I probably ever have in all my high school I.C.T lessons put together. I'll almost certainly be using this software again. Just a quick look at what we've produced (interdisciplinarists, technical staff, et al) in three days, shows the almost infinite possibilities of this software.

Once we came to terms with square eyes and tempermantal air conditioning, it was a massively enjoyable few days.